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New Moon in Aquarius - 11th February 2021 (19:05).

Get to know the energy of this powerful New Moon in Aquarius and watch as innovation and change take centre focus for us all.

7th February 2021

Weekday: Thursday - Jupiters Day

Event: New Moon in Aquarius

Chakra: Third-eye

Element: Air

At 19:05 (UK time) this Thursday 11th January, the Moon will be reborn once again, this time in the zodiacs innovative and original sign of Aquarius. And boy, is this a big one!!!

As we move away from the energy of the Leo Full Moon just two weeks ago, where we released blocks created by our ego, we’ve now made room to conjure up our dreams with clear and purposeful intention. New Moons are typically a time for planting seeds. Still, with this new moon, the planetary placements offer some extra powerful energy to support us in starting and building new and innovative dreams! 


"New Moons are typically a time for planting seeds".


So what does all this Aquarius energy mean? Aquarius energy offers us support in building our dreams when we trust in the unknown and change. It encourages us to look for new ways of doing things, meet new people who can give us a different perspective, and plan for new goals and dreams in another direction or for another purpose than we may have had before. The power to instigate change with this new moon is vital, so clear and purposeful intention setting is the principal objective to ensure you bring yourself into the cosmic flow of this potent energy.



The Aquarius energy amplification is evident in this new moon’s astrological chart with four other planets nestled next to the Sun and the Moon in the sign. A total of 6 planets reside here, and when we look at these planets more closely, we start to see how this innovative new energy could manifest itself.

  • The Sun; The Illuminator
  • The Moon: The Connector
  • Mercury: The Ruler of Communication and Expression
  • Venus: The Ruler of Relationships and Harmony
  • Jupiter: The Ruler of Beliefs and Abundance
  • Saturn: The Ruler of Limits and Controls

This colossal activity in Aquarius re-raises the conversation about how we’ve recently moved into the age of Aquarius; an astrological age is an event that happens every 2,150 years when the earth’s rotation moves into a new zodiac sign. 

We are believed to have recently moved from the Pisces Age into Aquarius, although we don’t have an exact timing, the 2020 winter solstice on 21st December (when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined and it was named “The Great Conjunction”) is often believed to be the point where we entered into this new astrological age.

With this being the first Aquarius New Moon since entering the New Age of Aquarius and with the tremendous amount of activity going on in Aquarius, we can use this time to direct both our energy and the energy of the collective world down a path of intense growth and expansion and ride this unique and powerful energy into new possibilities.

One thing to watch out for with this new moon is the energy we see in Mars and Uranus who are both square to many of the planets bundled together in Aquarius. Although this planet has positive traits that instil our fighter energy, we need to ensure that this is directed towards our goals and dreams and doesn’t manifest as anger or conflict. A square is generally not a comfortable aspect to move through. Still, every time we grow we must be challenged, knowing this type of energy is coming up, we can do one of two things, remind ourselves to watch our own anger and aggression levels and to be tolerant of others who may be struggling to control their anger during this intense energy period. 

Be conscious that this fiery Mars in Taurus energy may ignite issues around security and principles in your own life, especially concerning the planets and their traits that Mars squares (All the planets in Aquarius except Saturn). If this does happen, try to accept that this energy must pass through us to grow and learn from the situation. Just ensure you don’t miss out on the learnings and it will be all worthwhile.


"Just ensure you don’t miss out on the learnings and it will be all worthwhile".


Mars shows up again in a positive aspect at the time of this new moon, in a trine with Pluto (empowerment and transformation) in Capricorn (hard work and responsibility) and Neptune (transcendence and visions) in Pisces (mysticism and devotion). A trine is a more supportive aspect where planets work together in harmony, enriching one another. Consider these strength areas for this new moon when working on your intentions and harness this energy.

The Rising Signs have put together a selection of ritual tools designed to align with this New Moon's Aquarius energy in our New Moon in Aquarius Ritual Box - 11th February. Or you can shop our ritual tools by this specific Moon here.

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