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A spotlight is shining on the mystical services industry and The Rising Signs is here to give you a voice. If you’re an energy practitioner who is looking to reach a wider audience, this is the platform for you.

We’re looking for collaborators to help promote the industry alongside us, we want a broad range of content on ways to work with energy for our online community and we’re looking for an investment of your knowledge - not your money!

Our info pack is brimming with opportunity - just click here for the nitty-gritty on how it all works, or here for more on The Rising Signs and what we stand for.

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Need more info? Here's a bit more on what we're up to...

An exciting new wellness, mindfulness and lifestyle brand is set to launch from Jersey on 31st October. The Rising Signs is a conscientious online business that promotes sacred self-care and positions itself within the intrepid and internationally growing, mystical services industry. Unlike anything currently available, The Rising Signs brings together professionals and teachers within the remit of spiritual wellbeing; each working with healing and enhancing the energy within, around and above us.

Energy work is a range of holistic practices that activate the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks and enhance optimum wellness. There are many forms of energy healing; from the well-known, such as yoga, feng shui or astrology to the lesser-known, such as Sekhem, crystal work, manifestation and more. The Rising Signs is bringing together a foundation of practitioners who work with a vast array of energy healing and spiritual practices and are seeking to support others with their services.

The Rising Signs is a locally-borne business. Created by Joelle Wallser, a wellness advocate, studying astrologer, yoga teacher and marketing expert who has over twenty years of experience in the international marketing arena. Joelle has been working on The Rising Signs as a concept for some time, working with a small team of digital, writing, tech and wellness industry professionals to bring the platform to life. It will go live on the full moon this Halloween.

The Rising Signs is not your average wellness website. No adverts, no intrusive lead generation pop-ups, no sales tactics or data sharing. It is content-driven and offers authentic guidance, information and inspiration all wrapped up with the magic of positivity and possibilities. The business approach is based on meeting the needs of the online customer looking to seek out holistic wellness, mystical services and energy healing. The Rising Signs online shop will be opening in November, selling a curated collection of products to assist working with energy. Items such as crystals, candles, smudging cleansers, incense, oils, journals and other ritual tools will be on offer for delivery nationwide.

The way the site delivers content and provides guidance is intentionally dynamic and modern. Appealing to an eager millennial audience as well as wellness practitioners and energy workers; The Rising Signs is providing an opportunity for every modality and size of energy healing business to be seen and heard. Possibilities for people to participate in various workshops are on the cards for The Rising Signs as the collaborators’ grow with the brand, opening up the chance to delve deeper into the understanding and practice of what’s on offer.

With the website set to launch at the end of the month, The Rising Signs are putting a call out to collaborators. They are offering the collaborator spots entirely for free. There is no cost and spaces are reserved for people who want to take their wellness or energy business to the next level. To find the perfect people to join the brand, The Rising Signs have created a deck to provide information and expectation on how the energy exchange works.

The Rising Signs is inviting energy workers, mystics, clairvoyants, astrologers, tarot readers, numerologists, feng shui experts, healers and anyone in the Channel Islands who has a business or offers a service within this remit to join and collaborate. These are exciting times with this bold new brand.

A Message from Joelle, founder of The Rising Signs:

"I’ve had a dream for a long time to put together something like this, I’ve used energy healing, astrology and manifestation throughout my life. I’ve found ways to release old thoughts and feelings as well as to bring into life my dreams and aspirations. It’s a lot about belief, trusting the universe and asking for what you want from a place aligned with your soul path. Working out what that is a huge part of this journey.

Our personal and collective energy is such a broad topic, at The Rising Signs, our approach is to talk across practises and insights associated with the energy in, around and above us. Covering a host of internal and external forces that contribute to our energetic wellbeing and discussing how we can protect, balance and harness this energy.

Coming together with our initial collaborators has been exciting, the one point of view that is very prevalent in everyone that has come on board to date, is how energy work needs a holistic approach. There are no quick fixes, “manifest this in 24 hours” without first doing the internal work of healing and removing blockages. Without this approach, we aren’t doing the maintenance our energetic bodies need to work at an attuned and aligned level. This site will give people access to heaps of information and practitioners to help get themselves flowing with universal energy.

Working with people in this industry is my favourite part of this business, they have lots of passion for their chosen fields. The collaborators are fundamental to raising awareness of the benefits of this type of work, and every collaborator has their own take and viewpoint to share, which makes the collective energy something quite incredible! The broad scope and resonating energy from this group of practitioners really bring a diverse and sturdy bank of information and guidance, all at our readers’ fingertips.

You can put the importance of this impactful industry into context by looking at The Global Wellness Summit, where it was stated that “Energy Medicine gets Serious” in its 2020 global wellness trend article. They suggest that a paradigm shift is underway, with more scientific researchers discovering that the body is indeed a complex bio-field of electromagnetic frequencies and light waves. That combined with all of the added stress of the current worldwide pandemic, it seems to be the perfect time for the healers and mystics of the world to raise their voices and support the world, right when it really needs it".