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Ear Candles

2 Ear Candles

Commonly used for closing an intense healing journey, ridding you of any unwanted beliefs and thought patterns that were shaken awake with the work. An important part of sacred self-care that brings in clarity and calmness.

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Orange - Energise and invigorate your emotional field with orange-scented candles.

Lavender - Sooth and relax heightened and nervous emotions with purple-scented candles.

Rose - Make room for some self-love and rid yourself of negative self-talk with rose-scented candles.

Always use these with a friend around to help keep you safe, after all these candles do need to burn to draw out unwanted feelings and patterns.

For more ideas on how to cleanse and clear old unneeded energy, check out our article 5 Ways to Quickly Raise your Vibration.


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