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An interview with a Mermaid.

Nikki G has been delving deep into the life of a self-confessed mermaid. Get to know the mind that created this beautiful book centred around personal development and growth.

28th February 2021

Charlene, as a writer, has the ability to write in a candid but straightforward way. There were times of her life where she pushed boundaries, reflecting in her story, but she always writes with taste, nothing crude or distasteful, even if a little eye-opening! She takes you on a journey, her journey, which on the first appearance is a travel journey and journey into love, but as you go deeper into the book, you soon realise this is a journey of self-discovery, personal growth and trust.

The cover felt very spiritual at first sight; it seemed gentle. I had the preconception that this was a self-help book about the sea and the arts. I have to be honest, the title of the book, and knowing little about the author Charlene Hickey, I was pleasantly surprised by her frankness. It takes quite something to take my breath away, and I confess to slight gasps coming out as I was reading. Perhaps I am more of a prude than I previously thought!



The book has memoirs of travelling, work, art, growing up, sex, and seemingly quite a lot of sex, again making my own sex life seem very vanilla!  The message is that there are no rules, if no-one is getting hurt, follow your own rules, enjoy life, and flow in it with an open heart.


“There are no rules, if no-one is getting hurt, follow your own rules, enjoy life, and flow in it with an open heart”.


Her writing is effortless to read, and often I found myself getting to the end of a chapter and having to read another few pages to see how it goes. The life experiences she shares are personal and insightful. Stories of a relationship ending badly and travelling with no money to her name draw together impactful emotions as you relive this journey alongside her—That’s what made it a real page-turner for me.

Charlene’s trust in the universe and ability to follow her intuition shines out of the pages, it's this charm that gives the reader cheeky permission to break a few rules if in your heart you feel you should. At least there will always be a lesson in it!

Society and the people we surround ourselves with has such an influence on us as humans, I’ve found it truly inspiring to connect with this brave woman’s story. It’s made me feel it is ok to take some risks; maybe go travelling again in my later years without a plan or even just go wherever my intuition takes me? It’s certainly made my world of possibilities light up.

I will without a doubt be sharing this book with all the women in my life who beat themselves up for doing things right, those leading their lives governed by rules and regulations. 

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