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Looking for an energetic upgrade?

Charlene shares the work of a dear friend that we can all benefit from.

25th March 2021

This woman’s work has literally changed my life.

Not long before I turned 30, my life took a big old U-turn. I left London, I left my long-term boyfriend and I left all of my possessions in charity shops. Eating disorders, bereavement, infidelity, feeling lost in my career path and generally feeling lost in my soul, pushed me to the limit. 

I moved to a small island, I stared at the sea – a lot, I made different friends and I started to explore my inner world which had been calling to me more and more. At a workshop, I met a beautiful, bubbly woman called Tracy who was visiting for the weekend. 

“What do you do in the UK?” I asked her.

“Good question!” she said with an infectious laugh. “Well…it’s quite tricky to describe what I do,” she added, her eyes twinkling as she looked skyward. 

That was 2011. A decade has passed and I am still a regular listener to Tracy’s freely-offered help, which helps me to lift my life in ways I never imagined I could.

So, what is it that she does? Why is it so hard to explain? And why is it free?… what’s the catch? 

There really is no catch. You know how, when you turn your computer on, go online, use programs, create files and download software, you don’t exactly know how it all works – you just use it? And you know how when you turn your phone on, video-message friends, navigate your way around roads with TomTom, send pictures across the globe with Instagram and listen to music from other countries on Spotify, you don’t exactly know how it works – you just use it? Most of us never question why it all works or how it all works – we just reap the benefits of it and allow it to help us to make our lives easier. In the same vein, Tracy offers something which we may not fully understand but which we can most definitely use to make our lives easier. 

Since she was a child, Tracy has been receiving ‘transmissions’. She’s not a clairvoyant or a medium or a psychic or anything you can put one label on. She works with energy and she downloads ‘codes’ which are frequently sent to her. Much like the technology we have come to rely on and trust and use every day, these energetic codes of information are sent through the ether like electricity, Wifi or radio waves. And like a radio, Tracy just happens to be set to the right frequency to receive them.


"I think it’s logical that humans would also be sent ‘upgrades’ to help us function in this ever-changing world. Whether we plug into them or not is up to us."


It’s become a very normal thing for us to do routine updates on our phones and computers, or else they stop functioning properly with our ever-modernising technology. I think it’s logical that humans would also be sent ‘upgrades’ to help us function in this ever-changing world. Whether we plug into them or not is up to us. But who sends them? Well, as with all personal beliefs, that’s for each and every individual to decide, Tracy doesn’t talk of religious doctrines or spiritual systems, she simply broadcasts the information she’s given. She shares all this freely within beautiful guided meditations which you can listen to at your leisure. It doesn’t even matter if you fall asleep—in fact, you probably will fall asleep—the codes will still work their way in. I have been listening to her transmissions throughout my personal challenges, as well as my good times too. Either way, I absorb an energy which takes me to a place of both grounding and rising.

Do we need to know all the details of where these energetic upgrades come from and why? Albert Einstein described gravity as ‘a curve in space that wraps around an object, such as a star or a planet’. Perhaps, in the same way, many of us are able to believe in ‘curves in space’ and galaxies which are ‘infinite’, we can just choose to believe in human upgrades too, and their ability to support us through these changing times.

Check out one of Tracy's Life Upgrades find out more on her website here.

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