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Spirit Communication: Where to start.

To be intuitive means that we are able to hear the “Voice of the Divine,” while psychic means a “soul to soul” communication.

31st October 2020

When you hear the term, ‘Spirit Communication’, what do you think of immediately?

Is it clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, what kind of mediumship? Do you have to choose between psychic and mediumship? What’s the difference and is there a right way or a wrong way of connecting? So many questions!

I believe that both are intrinsically linked and we all have the capacity to channel this form of energy.

A medium is a psychic who has fine-tuned their extrasensory perception and can talk to the spirit world. It simply means a medium can give you information from other sources and energies and go to the spirit world and communicate with loved ones, spirit guides and the divine in order to bring you a complete message.

Both connections are very valuable; it just depends on what type of reading you need at the time.

To be intuitive means that we are able to hear the “Voice of the Divine,” (God, angels, guides), while psychic means a “soul to soul” communication, which connects through the higher-self and gives access to global consciousness. 



One of the things to note with Spirit Communication is that spirit comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It comes in the form of those we have known, loved and/or been related to, but also spirit guides, angels, star beings, ascended masters and much more. The world of the unseen is vast; amazing, inspiring and we access in the first instance through intuition and through feeling. 

Working with spirit in all forms and combining intuition and psychic information is a powerful method of reading, although care must be taken as intuition is based on feelings. Feelings awaken as a result of emotional experiences, so we must ensure a non-judgemental approach when we consider intuitive feelings in readings.

Mediumship is when a medium/reader connects directly to those that have moved into the Spirit Realm, they have let go of the outer shell and live in another dimension that we can all access to some extent, and with practice, we can do it quite effectively.  Psychic reading connects at a soul level and is the reading of the energy field that surrounds a person, often referred to as the Auric Field. All of our information is held in our energetic field. 


"Psychic reading connects at a soul level and is the reading of the energy field that surrounds a person, referred to as the Auric Field."


I’ve described a pretty simplistic and separatist view of both types of reading that people might expect or may take place when using spirit communication practice.

My personal and favoured take when I’m working with people, is to do both (and then more!), calling in spirit, reading the energy and then adding healing and clearing techniques. Moving away from a singular dimension to a multi-dimensional experience that provides a way to receive a message. This whole and holistic approach enables people to let go of anything holding them back and move forward with intention. 

The activation of our own psychic abilities is an expansion of awareness and fine-tuning of our senses. It’s an experience that encourages operation through the heart centre; expanding that energy and being mindful of every single feeling. We really all can do this. We need patience and we need to find the way that fits for us, as we are all unique and individual.

So let’s have fun and do an exercise in psychic energy… I want you to realise that we all have psychic abilities!



So, to test out your psychic abilities why not try this: 

Next time you go into a room, sit quietly to one side, close your eyes for a moment and imagine you were stretching right through the room, touching everything. Notice how everyone feels, what do you hear, feel, sense, smell, taste, see with your inner eye (3rd Eye). If you feel and intuit something about someone, gently explore that in conversation and see what happens. Notice how accurate you were. Explore this technique and try it with friends, it's the first step to expanding awareness. It's the first step to becoming aware of the unseen.

With first steps to mediumship, get used to sitting quietly and asking spirit to come and communicate, they are just people, without a physical wrap, that's all. They are back to their true form, so just sit and invite them in… use your own words, your words are perfect, this is your connection to the Spirit Realm. There are no rules, no limitations, it’s an extension of friendship and conversation, you can do this. 

You may find that automatic writing is more comfortable for you, just sit and write without checking what you are writing, just let go and let it flow. This too is a form of spirit communication or mediumship and you can go back and look at what you wrote time and time again to feel more from your words and the effect they had in that moment; reflection is good when you’re mastering mediumship.

This is a vast topic, so let us know if you want to know more, ask us your questions and let us give you another perspective. Talk about spirit to friends and see how they feel? Send out the message to the Universe that you are interested (if you set intentions, then this could be one of them!). 

Open up, then watch as the magic of the unseen reaches out and meets you on your journey. 

Read more about Carol and her multi-faceted approach to working with the energy within, around and above us. 

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