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Grace Galliot

Grace is a bona fide witch, a formidable force of femininity and an all-rounder when it comes to her practices.

Collaborator since 2020

"I’m a full-time witch, obsessed with all things to do with plant medicine and magick. I’ve been told that working with me is like a huge energetic upgrade!" 

Based in Guernsey, Grace is a formidable force of femininity and an all-rounder when it comes to her practices. She works within many remits of energy, light, crystal, EFT, inner-child and physical healing. To say she’s qualified would be something of an understatement! 

Learning so voraciously and sharing her knowledge and expertise is Grace’s passion and we are over the moon to have her on the team at The Rising Signs. Starting on her journey in 2001, Grace has since amassed a popular following and lots of very happy clients along the way. 

Her drive to explore and fulfil her need for understanding the different ways we can align, transform and up-level our wellness, consciousness and collective energy is remarkable. 

She is powerful as f*ck. 

Grace’s journey has led to being able to provide a wide range of services and support and she works with clients on and off the island of Guernsey. Her no-nonsense, straight-talking approach is a breath of fresh air and a jolt for change at the same time; invigorating and inspiring. A certified health & wellness coach, Grace has been working in the wellbeing industry for over a decade. 

Her speciality area is working with mums and children.  She is passionate about guiding families into a happier and healthier lifestyle through health & wellness coaching. 

Check out Natural Health Clinic Guernsey to find out more about the incredible work Grace does and the positive difference she makes to her client's wellness. 


Grace's articles

Cleanse your space with Grace.

Grace offers us tips on keeping the energy positive in the spaces that mean the most to us.

Perception and Reflection: a personal journey.

It’s interesting that now I have healed and transmuted a lot of the trauma and suppressed emotion...

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I Must be a Mermaid by Charlene Hickey

This book is personal growth at its best; love, partying, sex, art, acceptance, belief…...a beautiful memoire of an authentic human mermaid!


Paint Spatter Small Velvet Journal

These journals make the perfect stylish bedside or bookshelf accessory with a stunning gold foil pattern.


Soft Rust Velvet Gratitude Journal

Sumptuous and luxurious, this little journal features a crushed velvet cover with gold foil 70s-inspired typography.  


Navy Velvet Gratitude Journal

Sumptuous and luxurious, this little journal features a crushed velvet cover with gold foil 70s-inspired typography.  


White Sage and Rosemary

A great duo to encourage spiritual growth.


Meditation Incense

This rich incense is said to help you tune in and connect during meditation.


White Sage and Ruda Smudge

A great duo to encourage feelings of safety and support.


Vanilla Incense

Used by the Aztecs to reduce stress and anxiety.


Tigers Eye Tumbled

This natural Tigers Eye is a stone of protection, grounding, and stabilising.


Almandine Garnet Tumbled

Evoke your earthy passion and fire up your root chakra with one of our favourite garnet stones.


Amazonite Tumbled

If there is a difficult conversation that you need to have, this stone can support the environment for it to go harmoniously.


Amethyst Tumbled

One of the most alluring of the healing stones for not just its colour but for its reputation as a connector to the divine.


Crown Chakra Pillar Candle (Happiness)

This chakra is associated with Divine Energy and Self Realisation. Through meditation and prayer we surrender to the higher power.


Third-Eye Chakra Pillar Candle (Abundance)

The chakra of the third eye, the centre of psychic power and higher intuition. Your true self will attract unlimited resources, power, and compassion.


Throat Chakra Pillar Candle (Positive Energy)

The throat chakra is the centre of communication. You will be drawn to meet new and wonderful people and embrace experiences.


Heart Chakra Pillar Candle (Healing)

The heart chakra is the centre of compassion and love. When you are hurt in life or love, the first impulse is to close your heart.


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