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Perception and Reflection: a personal journey.

It’s interesting that now I have healed and transmuted a lot of the trauma and suppressed emotion in my body, that I find it very easy to help other people do the same.

29th October 2020

Grace Galliot has shared her own personal experience in respect of harnessing her energy. Her perception and growth through understanding the fundamental principles of reflection and projection are inspiring. As an accredited and authentic coach and healer, Grace’s story serves to convey openness and honesty; her true self… what a fantastic place to start when hearing from her for the first time. 

I've been a therapist for a long time now and I genuinely believe that we feel called to this work not only to help others but for the amplification of the speed of our own healing journey.



I remember when I got attuned to Reiki 2 around 5 years ago.  Everything changed and I became very sad, deeply depressed and had severe anxiety.  Prior to the 2nd attunement, I had been working with clients doing massage and reflexology and had previously been having strange experiences and felt like I could feel or ‘absorb’ their emotions. On one occasion I was halfway through a clients massage when I had to walk away and sob my heart out as I had never sobbed before; it turned out she had just experienced a miscarriage.  

After Reiki 2, feeling my clients' emotions and trauma whilst treating them became even more amplified and I really felt like I needed to do some deep healing work on myself.  I realised that what I was feeling in them was also unhealed in me.  I was forced to heal otherwise I could no longer do this work. At times I had felt like giving up and that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a healer.


"To be a happy, successful, powerful and loving person, you have to do the inner work." 


I embarked on a mission to heal whatever was presenting itself and I worked with some amazing healers who I am eternally grateful for.  I allowed myself space to process and feel whatever needed my attention and I spent a lot of time nurturing my inner child.

It’s interesting that now I have healed and transmuted a lot of the trauma and suppressed emotion in my body, that I find it very easy to help other people do the same.  For example, if I'm feeling sadness or grief suppressed in a client's chest, I no longer feel it intensely in mine. It’s more of an awareness that “this is their sadness’’ and therefore I am easily able to help them shift it and feel it with them because I have shifted sadness and grief within myself.   

When you heal, people who no longer resonate with where you are fall-away and new amazing people come in. When you have suppressed trauma, you will keep drawing things that make you feel angry or sad and can cause you to ask “why does this keep happening to me?".  This is all about vibration and the spectrum of emotion.  It’s so important in this life that we focus on our healing, everyone has trauma, everyone.  We can’t run away from it, we have to move through it to transmute and feel those lower vibration emotions so they can become those higher vibration ones we all want; joy, love, acceptance, enlightenment etc.

Everyone is a mirror, things that annoy you or piss you off about people, are likely a shadow or unhealed part of you.  For example, if you struggle with money but want more in your life, ask yourself how you perceive people who are wealthy? If you perceive them negatively or think they are 'greedy' or 'heartless' then you certainly will not be drawing wealth into your life.  If you are disorganised and perceive people who are organised as 'boring' then you will struggle to organise yourself until you accept and integrate a part of you that thrives on chaos and dis-organisation.

To be a happy, successful, powerful and loving person, you have to do the inner work. To become that shining beacon of light to others and not become easily triggered by those around us. We are here to feel our emotions, not act them out.  

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you, my reaction to you is an awareness in me.”

Find out more about Grace’s journey and current work within the mystical wellness arena by heading to her collaborator page here

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