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Do you know your Clear Quartz from your Carnelian?

Five popular healing crystals and how they can rock your world.

7th January 2021

Shapes and colours have meaning, as do the genetic make-up of the stones. There is a stone for practically every eventuality… Linked to our chakras, our star sign, the time of year or according to what’s held in our pasts and our futures. Each stone is believed to emit its own frequency and some people find the effects of holding a crystal to be rather profound. You may feel heat, an energetic vibration or conjure up visual meditations as you use your crystal… There is plenty of potential.

Clear Quartz

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No essential healing crystals collection is complete without some clear quartz. Clear quartz crystal is highly effective at clearing out unwanted energy. It also has the superpower of boosting the energy within the crystals around it, especially in a grid formation.  Their main function is to keep the flow of energy moving, in accordance with your intentions and manifestations. They’re like little batteries that hold whatever you put into them, energetically speaking… You can wave it around your body or a space whenever you feel the need for a good old energy clear.

Rose Quartz

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These pretty pink crystals have the ability of soothing and calming an over-active mind and working to boost the heart chakra. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and also for romance and as such is an ideal crystal to use and wear to encourage relationships with others, as well as the all-important self-love we must allow for ourselves. Love spells and heart manifestations vibe higher with a piece of this sensual stone in the mix. For broken hearts that need mending, wear a rose quartz around your neck and it’ll lift your mood and help you heal.


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This purple/blue crystal is a must-have for health and healing. Amethyst is known to help relaxation and ward off negative energy. It’s a powerful form of quartz that encourages selflessness and inner-wisdom. If you’re building a crystal collection, a cluster of amethyst is a great idea! Use it for meditation and enhancing inner-peace. 


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This beautiful green stone is attributed to purification, healing and balance. Jade is one of the most prevalent crystals and was first used by the Ancient Chinese. It's a calming, peaceful crystal that enhances acceptance, serenity and good fortune. Its healing vibration is linked to the heart chakra and is known for kidney and adrenal gland health. Jade is commonly found to be green but its cousins, white jade and yellow jade are also popular healing crystals in their own right. 


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Representing courage and motivation, this fiery looking stone is a high-vibing gem crystal for inner-passion and vitality as well as a brilliant confidence booster. Carnelian helps to balance the lower chakras and is a delightful catalyst for creativity, encouraging laughter and happiness. This red/orange crystal is one for building self-esteem and protecting against negativity in the form of envy or resentment. For a stabilising stone to add to your collection, look no further - it’ll give your other crystals a boost too!  

We will be coming back to you with more on the healing properties of crystals, how to keep them clear and cleansed and more depth on the link between our chakras and the stones. In the meantime you can head over to our shop and find an abundance of treasure to help you create your own crystal rituals. 

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