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Lucy Sanderson

15 years of wellbeing based writing and marketing is only a mere notch in this gal’s talent belt.

Collaborator since 2020

"I am in love with the limitless potential of life. The friendships, the lessons, the chats and collaborations, camaraderie and cuddles; the love, the light… the whole gorgeous lot of it." 

Lucy is a Leo personified and she’s constantly buzzing with energy and ideas. Her vivacious tenacity for her passions, projects and life in general, is what sets her apart and drives her forward. Alpha females don’t often run in packs, but Lucy attributes a lot to the pride of women in her life.

Lucy is a triple threat of creativity; 15 years of wellbeing based writing and marketing is only a mere notch in this gal’s talent belt. With a stand out aptitude for bringing alike minds together, and empowering those around her, Lucy is like the ultimate matchmaker. She takes the time to get right down to the heart of what others’ need to collaborate at their best. So, yeah, you could say her people skills are like no other!

Lucy cherishes true purpose. She seeks to bring out a holistic, full-circle approach and mirrors this perfectly with a fun-loving kick-ass feistiness AND a caring, spiritually centred empathy. So you get the best of both worlds. Basically yin and yang in a human.

She’s also one heck of a chef!

Working in collaboration is something Lucy knows all too well. She started The Union some time ago, which is a freelance enterprise that curates the best-skilled creatives with the right projects. Having built up a robust reputation for being nimble with words, Lucy’s passion is to understand and write about all aspects of the wellness industry has opened up all manner of doors in marketing and concept creation for other businesses. Her interest in mystical and sacred self-care, coupled with her love of writing makes her the ideal copywriter and editor for The Rising Signs. 

Lucy's articles

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I Must be a Mermaid by Charlene Hickey

This book is personal growth at its best; love, partying, sex, art, acceptance, belief…...a beautiful memoire of an authentic human mermaid!


Paint Spatter Small Velvet Journal

These journals make the perfect stylish bedside or bookshelf accessory with a stunning gold foil pattern.


Soft Rust Velvet Gratitude Journal

Sumptuous and luxurious, this little journal features a crushed velvet cover with gold foil 70s-inspired typography.  


Navy Velvet Gratitude Journal

Sumptuous and luxurious, this little journal features a crushed velvet cover with gold foil 70s-inspired typography.  


White Sage and Rosemary

A great duo to encourage spiritual growth.


Meditation Incense

This rich incense is said to help you tune in and connect during meditation.


White Sage and Ruda Smudge

A great duo to encourage feelings of safety and support.


Vanilla Incense

Used by the Aztecs to reduce stress and anxiety.


Tigers Eye Tumbled

This natural Tigers Eye is a stone of protection, grounding, and stabilising.


Almandine Garnet Tumbled

Evoke your earthy passion and fire up your root chakra with one of our favourite garnet stones.


Amazonite Tumbled

If there is a difficult conversation that you need to have, this stone can support the environment for it to go harmoniously.


Amethyst Tumbled

One of the most alluring of the healing stones for not just its colour but for its reputation as a connector to the divine.


Crown Chakra Pillar Candle (Happiness)

This chakra is associated with Divine Energy and Self Realisation. Through meditation and prayer we surrender to the higher power.


Third-Eye Chakra Pillar Candle (Abundance)

The chakra of the third eye, the centre of psychic power and higher intuition. Your true self will attract unlimited resources, power, and compassion.


Throat Chakra Pillar Candle (Positive Energy)

The throat chakra is the centre of communication. You will be drawn to meet new and wonderful people and embrace experiences.


Heart Chakra Pillar Candle (Healing)

The heart chakra is the centre of compassion and love. When you are hurt in life or love, the first impulse is to close your heart.


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