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Everything is energy and energy is everything

The ocean of energies is vast, so we have categorised our content for you to be able to dip into whichever element you want! 

Looking for an energetic upgrade?

Charlene shares the work of a dear friend that we can all benefit from.

An interview with a Mermaid.

Nikki G has been delving deep into the life of a self-confessed mermaid. Get to know the mind tha...

Eight powers of the soul – your internal toolkit.

Lorna from Awareful talks to us about her experience with Raja Yoga.

Clairsentience: Getting to know your gift with Tarot & Oracle cards.

Clairsentience is a precious intuitive sense used during Tarot and Oracle card readings to help r...

Go inward to power up.

Why meditation boosts your energy and how you can begin meditating to beat fatigue.

I Am Enough, Self-love Ritual.

Take the time to practice self-love and be rewarded with increased confidence and self-belief.

Meditation: Where do I start?

Awareness is the most fundamental part of meditation, or ‘mind training’, why? Because with aware...

Perception and Reflection: a personal journey.

It’s interesting that now I have healed and transmuted a lot of the trauma and suppressed emotion...

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Our crystal selection is broad in both the types we sell and the prices attached to them. From the larger crystals to the smaller tumbled stones, you can get something special without spending a fortune.

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The Rising Signs has created a Self-love Collection, which is all about reminding ourselves how special we are. You are special, you are enough!

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